three percent

Branding for functional and minimalistic apparel brand

Functional minimalist apparel for modern, conscious and sensible 3% of humanity, created to simplify daily challenges. Timeless. Beyond trends. Regardless of the context.

3% was founded in 2021 to make your life more comfortable, more refined, more conscious. The whole essence is embedded in two concepts of functionality and minimalism./ Ergonomic fit, technological materials and attention to details form functionality. Laconic silhouettes, compatible colors, timeless designs beyond trends – the foundations of minimalism.

Every item we create is intended to give the customer superpower, whether it is protection from the weather conditions or round the clock outfit relevance, for every occasion or challenge, in any context.

The process of creating an identity was simple and straightforward as our values and attitudes matched the 3% brand. We have resorted to the use of simple and functional forms that highlight modernist ideas without the use of unnecessary decor and unnecessary details. We are happy to be part of the 3% community.


Three Percent Apparel
Liubomyr Sydor – Founder

Serge Fedyniak – Creative Direction, PM

Adrian Fisher – Art Direction
Solomia Marchak – graphic design, social media design, layout design, PM
Denys Kachanovsky – graphic design