Hotel & restaurant complex – brand identity

POTOCKI is a five-story restaurant and hotel complex located in the heart of Khmelnytsky. This is the best place in terms of quality and service in the city. To create it, we did comprehensive research and found a story about the important influence of the Potocki family on the formation of the city and its culture.

Given the aesthetics of that period, we decided to build our visual system around patterns. We have also created two websites - a website with a history of the Potocki family in Khmelnytskyi and another website with the ability to book these beautiful rooms.


Dmytro Mandziuk – Founding Partner

Serge Fedyniak – PM, Creative Direction, Graphic Design

Adrian Fisher – PM, Art Direction, Design Director

Nadiia Miller – Graphic Design

Luba Lappo – Website Design & Development