Project Info

Cashee is a UAE-based digital banking platform for teenagers in MENA region that aims to empower youths with smart money skills and improve financial literacy.

Out partners, The Gradient developed the entire product and invited us to collaborate on creating the brand identity. Using dynamic typography, vivid gradients, and bold fonts to create a youthful and energetic look we developed a new visual style for Cashee.

We created a smooth design system, digital content, a series of animations, photoshoots for key visuals, and much more. In our design, we conveyed dynamic, youthful energy, excitement from the digital world, and computer games. The main slogan was “smart hustle,” reflecting the pace at which we developed this project.

To ensuring a personalized approach for every user, we adapted these elements for each of the three different teams.

Banking for teenagers will never be boring again! With our approach, it will become exciting, educational, understandable, and safe.

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Project team

Creative Direction: Serhiy Fedynyak Graphic Designer: Denys Katchanovskyi Social Media Design: Roksolana Aftanaziv PM: Adrian Fisher Retouche: Nastia Tira Animation: Nick Levish

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