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Sonyachna Maisternia (Sunshine Studio) is a special art school for children with autism. Our goal is to delicately convey the uniqueness of this school and highlight the creativity of the children who study there. Within this design case, we will share our branding, created with love and understanding, to draw attention to those special children and showcase their potential.The logo represents a stylized sun with gentle contours and a warm colour palette. It’s soft shapes symbolize care and nurturing for each child. Each ray reflects the potential and creativity that we strive to unlock in the children's artistic creations. Our graphic style is characterized by simplicity and elegance. We utilize soft forms and organic lines reminiscent of children's drawings. Every design element is crafted with care to emphasize the individuality of the children's creative works.

Our design case for Sunshine Studio offers a gentle branding approach that tells the story of the school's uniqueness and highlights the talent and creativity of children with autism. We aim to capture attention to their potential and demonstrate that every child can be a true artist. Our brand embodies love, understanding, and support for Sonyachna Maisternia and its students.

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Project team

Client: Olha Stankovych PM/Creative Directior: Serhiy Fedynayk Graphic Designer: Solya Marchak Art Director: Adrian Rybchynskyi

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