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Meet COOK DRIVE, a unique dark kitchen with a swift delivery system. Cooking delectable, modern cuisine and delivering it citywide, they redefine the dining experience. Our task was to create a clean, relatable identity emphasising their outstanding food quality. Whether ordering for home or work, satisfaction with COOK DRIVE is a promise.

The word ‘drive’ in the branding symbolise speedy delivery and a passionate work ethic. We aimed to capture this ‘drive’ in our design, making the thrill of work-life balance accessible to all. Through our team's creativity, we were able to encapsulate COOK DRIVE's vision of providing high-quality food swiftly. We're proud of being part of this journey and excited to see how the brand evolves.

‘Tasty is where you are ’.

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Project team

PM/Creative Directior: Serhiy Fedynayk Senior Designer: Solya Marchak Graphic Designer: Viktoria Kotiash Art Director: Adrian Rybchynskyi

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