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We had the pleasure of working with one of the leading and innovative TikTok agencies in Ukraine. Heeks approached us with a request to create an identity that would reflect their dynamism, openness, and boldness in the digital realm.

One of the key moments was the rebranding of the agency - from Marketing Geeks to Heeks. This decision emphasized the agency's desire to support and enhance innovations in the marketing sphere.

For the emblem creation, we chose the symbol of a rabbit in a hole, symbolizing unexpectedness and excitement for content. It represents the feeling of entering an engaging world of Heeks without knowing what other interesting things you might encounter.

In our identity design, we utilized vibrant colors, dynamic typography, and stylization solutions that reflect the most contemporary trends in the digital world. We merged pixelated images, elements of film-style photography, scanning, and textural distortions.

In addition to the identity, we developed a lively and dynamic website for the agency, which can be explored at heeks.agency. Take a look at our Heeks case to see the diversity and energy we infuse into every project

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Project team

PM/Creative Direction: Serhiy Fedynyak Graphic Design: Solya Marchak Web Design: Luba Lappo Art Director: Adrian Rybchynskyi

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