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Our team created the identity for the first and largest urban event in Ukraine, Lviv Urban FORUM, dedicated to the revitalization of Ukrainian cities amidst the ongoing war and the importance of holding such events during challenging times. It's crucial to consider the future and the development of cities, which is the main theme of the forum, aiming to gather experiences from partners worldwide while also focusing on learning about inclusivity in cities and spaces.

The main element of the style we chose is a grid pattern, which reproduces the network of streets in the Frankivsk district of Lviv. To humanize the pattern, we added graphic elements with stylized people in the city. We made the logo dynamic, constantly changing and representing various architectural forms of spaces and buildings. We formed the palette based on two colors — gray and salad-lemon, which stands out and works as a marker, also associated with progress and environmental friendliness. As for the font, it is a strict, well-readable, and functional font.

In addition, the forum team suggested involving the city architect in the process of managing architecture and urban planning. The design team created a tentative list of situations and categories of people that were supposed to appear, and Roman Krushelnytskyi took real-life scenarios, which he depicted in a style familiar to architects.

Moreover, the forum attracted a large number of attendees, and the identity helped breathe new life into the event, easily distinguishing itself against the city backdrop. It attracted a diverse audience, particularly younger participants, and became a universal symbol speaking to the future and its prospects.

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Project team

Creative Direction: Serhiy Fedynyak Art Direction: Adrian Rybchynskyi Graphic Designer: Victoria Kotiash Project Manajer: Marichka Zakaluzhna

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