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MOLODO is a Ukrainian brand that produces organic silk pillowcases, sleep masks, scrunchies & hair accessories, anti-aging pillows, silk protection masks, towels, and turbans.

The brand aims to pass on the "tradition of natural self-care" to future generations. That’s why MOLODO make premium silk, non-harmful accessories. The brand teach us responsible consumption - while caring for skin and nature.

The brand core concept is to remain eternally young (from Ukrainian, MOLODO means youth). Thus, we drew a parallel with the young moon, which became the main symbol of the brand. In general, we relate to the nature origins & ephasise exeptional approach to the idea of a healthy skin.

We used natural / pastel colors, book typography, and stickers with landscape images, which perfectly embrace the concept of youth through out the whole design system. We really aimed to depict a fresh, rejuvenating look of the brand & seems like we nailed it!

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Project team

PM/Art Director: Adrian Rybchynskyi Senior Designer: Solya Marchak Creative Direction: Serhiy Fedynayk

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