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Ning is a Warsaw based incubator for creative community. It is a successful combination of talent management agency & creative studio focused on cooperation with beauty & fashion markets from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. "Ning" (宁) means peaceful, pure. That’s the key philosophy - to create a safe & reliable platform for discovery, development and promotion of bright individuality of models and talents.

Our design system is bold and minimalistic, as simplicity and expression are core values of Ning studio. It consists of the clear grid, bold contrast in typography, bluish-centric colour palette with pink accents. Logo-mark was chosen to become the main graphic element, which takes  over all our design. We have also decided use 3D effect for the main symbol to illustrate and emphasise the contemporary approach in talent/fashion industry.

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Project team

Art Direction: Adrian Rybchynskyi Graphic Designer/Web Designer: Solya Marchak Creative Direction: Serhiy Fedynyak

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