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Otara Kava is a family-owned specialty coffee roastery from Ukraine, based in Belgium. They work with trusted partners to source the most scrumptious and high-quality coffees from all around the world. Otara coffees are 100% arabica, traceable, socially ethical, and environmentally sustainable. They buy coffee from farms, owned by individuals, families, and cooperatives, who share their values and are committed to the quality.

Based on the high coffee location and farms, we decided to focus our main idea on the local fauna — beautiful and rare animals. We illustrated them in a minimalistic manner, combining green colour with chromatic material across our design system and packaging, thus giving a feeling of simplicity in combination with the softness and mystery of this beautiful wildlife. For the naming, we picked the Ukrainian word OTARA, which means a group of animals, and add the following descriptor ‘Your Spiritual Fauna’.

As a result, we developed our verbal communication as “OTARA KAVA”. Your Spiritual Fauna selected animals from the highest coffee locations of our planet. Choose your spiritual friend, discover & enjoy diversity of our flavours”. Our design system spins around silhouette type illustrations, dark green color with chromatic accents and combination of serif and sans serif typography. We implented our design system in digital communication, packaging, merchaindaince and website.

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Project team

PM/Art Director: Adrian Rybchynskyi Senior Designer: Solya Marchak Graphic Designer: Viktoria Koriash Creative Direction: Serhiy Fedynayk

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