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PHILIPP RUPPRECHT is a car photographer from southern Germany. Philipp shoots cars since the age of 16 & can now look back to 13 years of experience doing what he loves most, creating drama with cars. He has an exceptional talent for seeng any car character from luxury to low-budget machine through his lens. Philipp’s portfolio contain stunning projects for Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti etc. Philipp came with a request for the personal brand design. As a high-profile photographer he needed an eye-catching, strong identity with a focus on his name. What we did is a simple, but very functional design, which has accent colours and built up letters to create patterned design for visuals. Grotesque type create modern, yet timeless design, which is very suitable for a long-time use. The combination of acid colours in the identity relate to the force and speed, often present in Philipp’s works and can perfectly highlight important information or description on the dark/white background. The overall identity is fresh and dynamic to emphasise the power of the wheel and recreate photographer’s attitude toward his passion during the shooting process. Check out the wild spirit of luxury cars below & on the website link.

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Client: Phillip Rupprecht PM/Art Director: Adrian Rybchynskyi Graphic/Web Designer: Denys Kachanovskyi Creative Direction: Serhiy Fedynayk

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