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REYTEL is a designer jewelry brand born from a belief in the power of symbols and inner courage. Each item in our collection is a unique designer piece that combines modern trends with years of experience in the field of jewelry art. Our mission is to inspire and empower, making our products reliable companions on your journey to personal success.


Our task was to create a positioning strategy and naming that would reflect the essence of REYTEL. We wanted to convey the idea that courage adorns the modern man and reflect this in the brand's name and concept.


We came up with the naming "REYTEL Brave Jewelry" to reflect courage and faith in one's own strength. The visual identity of the project strikes a balance between modernism and minimalism but with a contemporary approach to design. Every detail of the project is aimed at creating the image of a modern man who values style and quality and believes in symbolism.


The development process included market analysis, competitor research, and a deep understanding of the target audience. We carefully crafted the brand strategy and visual identity using modern tools and technologies to ensure the successful realization of our vision.


The results of the REYTEL project are impressive. The brand has gained recognition in the field of jewelry art and has become an emblem of contemporary masculine style. We succeeded in creating a brand that not only produces jewelry but also imbues them with profound symbolic meaning, inspiring men to achieve their personal goals and believe in themselves.


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Project team

Art direction : Serge Fedynyak Graphic designer: Solomia Marchak Account manager: Solomiya Svystun

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